Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not much going on here

I have nothing to say, but I thought I might as well blog. It’s been a while since I last even opened this page. Luckily there aren’t any spider webs yet, so need for the duster.

We are heading into the 1ww. I’m ever so patient this time round. That calmness is starting to drive me nuts. LOL. I think I enjoy being the anxious maniac I usually am during the 2ww. I might start temping again from tomorrow. FF has decided to give me 4 Free VIP days. Maybe I should…… or maybe not…. I have quite enjoyed not getting up early to temp.

Oh McK has a new song, Mary had a little man, little man, little man. LOL LOL LOL The more I tell her, it’s little lamb the harder she sings little man, little man. Poor Mary, I hope her little man is at least good to her. I need to get this all on video, we missed our chance a few months back when she was singing “Pappa on the trailor man, toot toot”. (Popeye the Sailor man).

Winter is really starting to settle itself in now. It’s getting really chilly at night and early in the mornings. I’m sure glad I don’t have to take McK to school. I get to sneak into my warm office while DH drops her off. What a pleasure.

Other breaking news - McK actually slept through last night. She usually gets up at midnight and climbs into our bed (I do take her back before 1am.) But then she will most likely climb back into our bed at 4am. And usually I’m too lazy to take her back, I mean we get up at 6am any way. Now why don’t I ask DH to take her? Well he sleeps so deep in the time I have taken to wake him up, I might as well have taken McK back and fallen asleep myself. I wonder if madam will be so kind as to sleep through again tonight. I sure hope so.


Erin said...

The calm attitude seems to be going around lately. Let's hope it pays off.

Annie Kates said...

I hope that this calm leads to a much needed happy ending for you.