Monday, May 26, 2008

Just another BFN

That is what I keep telling myself. It’s just another one. Just another screw you, you aren’t pregnant AGAIN this month.

My calmness hasn’t paid off, it’s just been replaced with sadness and anger. Yes it’s that time again, to mope and feel sorry for myself…… fluck it…..

Maybe I need to take the opposite approach and say, “thank you dear body, thank you for failing me once again. I’m absolutely thrilled that I get to spend another month TTC. I just love getting my hopes up and dashed again. Nothing I love more than being disappointed and angry.”



Lolita said...

im sorry your having this issue- but ive learnt over the 7 yrs.. angry is good. get it out, or else itll eat you up inside.
i dont know why this happens to us- the ones who want kids so bad we d kill.
id like to think its worth it in the end, but what if you never get where u want to go.
i dont mean to be a bummer. just... im trying to show you some of us are right along beside you walking through this horrid h**l.
big big hugs to you