Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This week on Making Babies

Oddly I take the weeks on Making Babies from Wednesday to Wednesday, I guess because of the Poll we run every Wednesday ;-)

1) How many HPT do you use per cycle? Come on go vote, (Ps the last option is for us POAS-aholics)

Our last poll asked "Are you taking any natural supplements?" I see most of the voters are on either a multivitamin or FertilAid/Fertipil Plus. I hope those supplements start working their magic! ;-)

2) We are giving away Arouse 24 Gel with the first SIX orders of 1x One Step HPT (10) and 1x One Step OPK (10) combo packs. Please note this special only applies to the 10 Pack combo's.

You would need to send me an email order with the subject line HPT/OPK Combo deal :) Only the first six orders will qualify.

3) Competition time.... All TTCers sit hours upon hours dreaming about how to announce their pregnancies. Since starting Making Babies, I've had the pleasure of sharing in these beautiful BFPs and the excitement of announcing them. If you would like to win a HPT (10 pack), submit your story of how you would like to announce your pregnancy. I have lined up a judging panel who will vote for the best (creative) announcement. The winner will be announced in our December Newsletter. (1 Dec)

Please submit your "announcement stories" to We will only publish the stories towards the end of the month. So get creative, it's all about how you would like to announce your pregnancy. Use your imagination. :)

And that my dear friends is all I have time for today. I hope you are having a great week so far.

Please note the special mentioned above, as well as the competition is only valid for Making Babies Members, so if you are reading this and still not signed up... CLICK HERE!!!!

Plenty of fertile thoughts going out to everyone.