Friday, November 20, 2009

Cranberry for a girl....

We often get into conversations about gender selection while TTC. I found an interesting article on Getting Pregnant Blog

It seems that research has stated that taking cranberry via either pills or juice can influence the gender of your baby, in favour of team PINK.

Cranberry will make your cervical mucus (CM) more acidic, which sperm does not like at all. But since female sperm are stronger than male sperm they have more chance to survive the hostile conditions.

Be warned though that cranberry can affect the amount of CM that your body produces, so you are bound to have less CM which isn't really ideal for TTC. Since you ideally want as much EWCM as possible to increase your chances of any conception. ;-)

If you are already having issues with CM production then I don't think you should be going the cranberry route in order for team PINK. It might just be doing more harm than good.