Monday, September 14, 2009

A whole month has gone past.

For all those who are going through TTC and wondering if you will ever get over the addiction….hahahahah….. if I can do it, you can too.

It’s been one full cycle since I’ve stopped TTC. One full cycle without temping, without POAS, without feeling my bbs up. LOL.

Granted my reasons for stopping TTC was drastic enough that I had to give up the addiction immediately. Cold turkey so to say. I really thought it would take a while to let go of the technicalities of TTC. Of course the emotional side still needs time to heal. That isn’t going to go away within one cycle.

I discovered Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms (IPS) are just that. IMAGINARY. I had a 2ww without feeling any IPS. Weird to not scrutinize bodily fluids or stare at my nips looking for any changes. I didn’t even take note of how many times I had been to the toilet in one afternoon. The heart burn was caused by tequila and not an impending beanie implanting. LOL

I’m still finding it weird chatting on an active TTC forum. Although it’s not that hard, because I’m there to give support and not take any. I still love talking about TTC. I don’t get sad for myself when I do either. I made so many friends while TTC that I couldn’t just give up on them when I stopped.

Besides I “own” the Making Babies TTC network and I’m still very dedicated to giving support and bringing people together for the great good of reproducing