Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baking Maybe's Reminder

Hello everyone

I trust you are all well and hard at work trying to make those babies!

I just wanted remind you again about the Baking Maybe's eBook that is available. You can purchase the book via the Making Babies website either by Credit Card or direct deposit.

I'm very excited about the "credit card" option since it allows for international sales and not just local. :)

Here are some reviews:

I thought the book was written so well & with some great humour too! It's not expensive at all & money well spent. The book covers every woman's emotions during the ttc rollercoaster.
Well done Marcelle ;)

Took me long enough to get my copy; but I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I definitely related with the whole cycle journey with smiles, laughs, a lump in my throat from sheer gratitude that what I go through and feel is normal and felt by other woman out there. Thanks Marcelle;-)

It's well worth the read!
Every word in the book I can relate to, it makes you realize that all the emotions are normal & that you are not alone during our TTC-journey.

I'm half way trough your book and enjoying it so much!
What a journey..... I can relate to all your feelings, thought I was off my rocker.....

Speaking about reviews. If you are a member of the Making Babies Network. Please visit the Review board on the Forum Section. If you have anything to add about any of the TTC products, please feel free to do so. ;-)

Take care,

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