Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Referral Program

Making Babies is launching an exciting Referral Program, where you stand the chance to win a “Fertility Hamper” consisting of Home Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Kits and Supplements.

The member with the most points on 30 September 2009 will win the Fertility Hamper.

Points are allocated as follows:

For every member you refer to the Making Babies Network2 Points

For every successfully concluded SALE that you refer to the Making Babies Website4 Points


The Making Babies Network is a free service offering useful information and support to people on their TTC journey. We are not looking to simply increase the “head count”, but rather add members who will benefit from this support group. For this reason your referrals should be based on couples that are actively TTC.

When your referred person signs up with Making Babies, they will be asked to fill in the name of the Making Babies member who referred them. So please make sure the person uses your registered Making Babies Member name.

Only processed Orders will qualify for point allocation. Make sure the person you are referring enters your name on the ORDER FORM on the Making Babies website, under special instructions.

Good luck!