Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharing your TTC journey

I was chatting to a good friend last night about the fact that most couples don’t want to disclose their TTC status. She and her husband don’t want to discuss their fertility issues with family and friends. So they chose to keep to themselves. Granted she is part of a TTC forum, but under a nick name. Privacy is “guaranteed”.

Being a moderator on the mommy forum, I’m continuously watching the forum for posts and all that jazz. At the same time I’m taking notes of who is visiting which boards. I have noticed so many users enter the TTC board, yet never post. (Actually never post at all on the entire forum). So I suppose they are just reading the TTC forum. Which I think is great; because I’m sure they are finding their own means of support by just being there.

I’ve often called out these “lurkers” but seldom get a response. Always wondering why? Why join a forum and never come out of lurkdom. (Yes, I think I totally made up that word. Although I’m probably not the first one to use it.) What stops you from saying hello my name is Sugar Puffin and I’ve been TTC for 8 months blah blah blah…

I have always loved being a part of an online forum. A lot of my “in real life” friends can’t quite understand my need to be a part of this crowd. Some times I will find them looking at me strangely if I’m referring to an online friend as if I know this person personally and just met them for a lunch date today. I love my cyber world. I love my friends that live in my computer.

You can’t always talk about your issues with a family member or a friend. Some times it is just so much easier to jump on line and post a question. You will be surprised by how much support is out there. Strangers turn into friends almost over night. Friends turn into sisters within weeks. I love it!

Do you want to be a part of a support group? You don’t have to disclose your real name. Join our Making Babies Network. On the sign up form, put in Sugar Puffin instead of Judy Le Roux. It’s ok. Start chatting with others that know what it’s like to go through month after month of BFN’s. The frustration, the excitement. TTC is not all doom and gloom. There is a brighter side to it, and having a friend who understands makes it all the worth while.


Jodie said...

How true is your comment about knowing your online friends as if they were your BFF IRL. Another forum lover here as well!