Monday, September 28, 2009

Revitalizer Hamper up for grabs!

Making Babies is proud to introduce the new Libido product range:


Revitalizer for Men and Women, as well as the Rejuvenator for Women.

For more information on the above products, please visit Making Babies or see THIS POST.

To stand a chance at winning the Revitalizer Hamper valued at R 659.00 All you have to do is:

Leave a comment on this post, (adding your email address).

Receive another 2x entries if you purchase any products on the Making Babies Website for the month of October.

Competition closes 30 October 2009 where the winner will be randomly drawn. The winner will be notified via email 31 October 2009

** Please note this competition is only valid for those residing in South Africa.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another give away!!!

Thought I would point you all in the direction of a friend of mine's blog -

She is doing her first give away at Finding Family with Empty Arms

Be sure to check it out :)

Also don't forget about the Making Babies Referral Program!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So what could I possibly entertain you with on the Making Babies 300th Blog entry???

I found this article while surfing the net. Will it do? Well it will have to, my brain isn't very creative today. Enjoy the read.....

Fertility and Feng Shui
by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant

So many of you are looking for a little help in increasing your odds (or
that of a family member) of becoming pregnant. But how can Feng
Shui help you in your fertility quest?

One way to increase your odds of adding to your family is by refraining
from disturbing the energy in your home. When trying to conceive,
avoid any remodeling, major or minor, in or around your home. Try to
keep your home as calm as possible. And don't agitate the energy
around your bed. Don't sweep or dust around or under your bed
during conception attempts and pregnancy. A dusty bedroom could
just equal a baby in your future!

Keep the area under your bed clear and clutter free. In Feng Shui it is
always recommended that the area under the bed be clear so energy
can circulate under you while you sleep, this is even more important
when trying to conceive and while pregnant.

Another way to pump up your fertility is by getting an elephant. No,
not a real one! A representation of an elephant. Elephants have been
considered a fertility symbol for thousands of years. Place a lovely
elephant figurine in your bedroom. Rub your elephant to bring more
children into your family. Some other items to add to your bedroom
(or wear as jewelry) include Rose Quartz Crystals and Kwan Yin
(Goddess of Compassion) statues. Both are known to increase
fertility. And Kwan Yin will come in handy after you have your baby,
because she guards the souls of children. Prolific bunny rabbits are
excellent symbols of fertility. Additionally, add nine stalks of bamboo
plant to the Children and Creativity Bagua area (the right center area)
of your bedroom. This adds healthy growth to this Bagua area. Make
sure to take care of your plants. If any of your bamboo plants show
any sign of ill health immediately discard the stalk and replace them.
Sick or dead plants are sources of negative energy, something you are
trying to avoid. Another thing to add is a brass wind chime to the
entranceway to the house. This will stimulate the energy and bring it
into your home. This is very important when trying to bring a new life
into your home. Hang a crystal in the Children and Creativity Bagua
area (the right center area) of your bedroom.

So stop dusting and start buying positive symbols of fertility for your
home. Once you have that new bundle of joy you will know that it was
worth that little bit of trouble for that lifetime of joy.

Now you see that is why I never fell PG. Under my bed is about a years amount of cr@p..... LOL


In other news:

We already have a leader in the Making Babies September Referral Program (wow that's a mouth full)... I'm not going to say who is leading the pack as of yet... ;-) But if you want to know what it's all about click here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two new products on Making Babies

We have added to our Libido Enhancer Range:

Revitalizer for Men


When taken as directed Revitalizer for men restores the natural male balance and leads to refreshed energy, drive and stamina.

Sometimes our partners need that extra bit of oomph during O time ;-)

Rejuvenator for Women


The unique blend of natural herbal extracts contained in Rejuvenator restores blood flow and heightens sensation by activating the body’s natural hormone production and supplying the body with nutrients necessary for peak sexual performance.

For more information on these two new exciting products visit Making Babies right now :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

A whole month has gone past.

For all those who are going through TTC and wondering if you will ever get over the addiction….hahahahah….. if I can do it, you can too.

It’s been one full cycle since I’ve stopped TTC. One full cycle without temping, without POAS, without feeling my bbs up. LOL.

Granted my reasons for stopping TTC was drastic enough that I had to give up the addiction immediately. Cold turkey so to say. I really thought it would take a while to let go of the technicalities of TTC. Of course the emotional side still needs time to heal. That isn’t going to go away within one cycle.

I discovered Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms (IPS) are just that. IMAGINARY. I had a 2ww without feeling any IPS. Weird to not scrutinize bodily fluids or stare at my nips looking for any changes. I didn’t even take note of how many times I had been to the toilet in one afternoon. The heart burn was caused by tequila and not an impending beanie implanting. LOL

I’m still finding it weird chatting on an active TTC forum. Although it’s not that hard, because I’m there to give support and not take any. I still love talking about TTC. I don’t get sad for myself when I do either. I made so many friends while TTC that I couldn’t just give up on them when I stopped.

Besides I “own” the Making Babies TTC network and I’m still very dedicated to giving support and bringing people together for the great good of reproducing

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharing your TTC journey

I was chatting to a good friend last night about the fact that most couples don’t want to disclose their TTC status. She and her husband don’t want to discuss their fertility issues with family and friends. So they chose to keep to themselves. Granted she is part of a TTC forum, but under a nick name. Privacy is “guaranteed”.

Being a moderator on the mommy forum, I’m continuously watching the forum for posts and all that jazz. At the same time I’m taking notes of who is visiting which boards. I have noticed so many users enter the TTC board, yet never post. (Actually never post at all on the entire forum). So I suppose they are just reading the TTC forum. Which I think is great; because I’m sure they are finding their own means of support by just being there.

I’ve often called out these “lurkers” but seldom get a response. Always wondering why? Why join a forum and never come out of lurkdom. (Yes, I think I totally made up that word. Although I’m probably not the first one to use it.) What stops you from saying hello my name is Sugar Puffin and I’ve been TTC for 8 months blah blah blah…

I have always loved being a part of an online forum. A lot of my “in real life” friends can’t quite understand my need to be a part of this crowd. Some times I will find them looking at me strangely if I’m referring to an online friend as if I know this person personally and just met them for a lunch date today. I love my cyber world. I love my friends that live in my computer.

You can’t always talk about your issues with a family member or a friend. Some times it is just so much easier to jump on line and post a question. You will be surprised by how much support is out there. Strangers turn into friends almost over night. Friends turn into sisters within weeks. I love it!

Do you want to be a part of a support group? You don’t have to disclose your real name. Join our Making Babies Network. On the sign up form, put in Sugar Puffin instead of Judy Le Roux. It’s ok. Start chatting with others that know what it’s like to go through month after month of BFN’s. The frustration, the excitement. TTC is not all doom and gloom. There is a brighter side to it, and having a friend who understands makes it all the worth while.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Referral Program

Making Babies is launching an exciting Referral Program, where you stand the chance to win a “Fertility Hamper” consisting of Home Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Kits and Supplements.

The member with the most points on 30 September 2009 will win the Fertility Hamper.

Points are allocated as follows:

For every member you refer to the Making Babies Network2 Points

For every successfully concluded SALE that you refer to the Making Babies Website4 Points


The Making Babies Network is a free service offering useful information and support to people on their TTC journey. We are not looking to simply increase the “head count”, but rather add members who will benefit from this support group. For this reason your referrals should be based on couples that are actively TTC.

When your referred person signs up with Making Babies, they will be asked to fill in the name of the Making Babies member who referred them. So please make sure the person uses your registered Making Babies Member name.

Only processed Orders will qualify for point allocation. Make sure the person you are referring enters your name on the ORDER FORM on the Making Babies website, under special instructions.

Good luck!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Infertility Etiquette

I would like to share with you a great article with regards to Infertility, it's written by Vita Alligood.

Please pop over to my very good friend - Em's blog. The return to "normal"

This article is great for even those of you are dealing with family or friends that are going through infertility :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baking Maybe's Reminder

Hello everyone

I trust you are all well and hard at work trying to make those babies!

I just wanted remind you again about the Baking Maybe's eBook that is available. You can purchase the book via the Making Babies website either by Credit Card or direct deposit.

I'm very excited about the "credit card" option since it allows for international sales and not just local. :)

Here are some reviews:

I thought the book was written so well & with some great humour too! It's not expensive at all & money well spent. The book covers every woman's emotions during the ttc rollercoaster.
Well done Marcelle ;)

Took me long enough to get my copy; but I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I definitely related with the whole cycle journey with smiles, laughs, a lump in my throat from sheer gratitude that what I go through and feel is normal and felt by other woman out there. Thanks Marcelle;-)

It's well worth the read!
Every word in the book I can relate to, it makes you realize that all the emotions are normal & that you are not alone during our TTC-journey.

I'm half way trough your book and enjoying it so much!
What a journey..... I can relate to all your feelings, thought I was off my rocker.....

Speaking about reviews. If you are a member of the Making Babies Network. Please visit the Review board on the Forum Section. If you have anything to add about any of the TTC products, please feel free to do so. ;-)

Take care,

x x x

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another review on Conceive Plus

I just wanted to share with you another satisfied customer ;-)

Hey Marcelle,

I just wanted to let you know that we tried out the Conceive Plus Lubrication, and I must say that I was very impressed with the product.
It's super easy to use (just like 'normal lubrication) and makes bding so much more fun as you don't dry up! I have noticed that the drying up is a side effect of the clomid, and CP is just wonderful for that!
It is also nice to know that whilst making bding a more enjoyable experience, cp also assists in carrying the 'swimmers' to their destination!

Thanks for the wonderful product!

Love Nicki

PS: I think we were a bit late to use the product in correspondence to ovulation, but tried it anyway. We will hopefully get our timing better next cycle

For more information on Conceive Plus, click here :)

Be sure to check out the MB September Newsletter :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

False Positives

A false positive pregnancy test is when the test says that you are pregnant but actually you are not. False positive pregnancy tests are rare - though there are instances and conditions where they can occur.

I have had very few clients report a false positive. Probably the most heartbreaking thing to happen while you are TTC. You yearn for that second line, to get it and then have all your baby dreams come crashing down because of it being a false positive.

Most false positives are due to those nasty evap lines that some (if not all tests get).

What is an EVAP line?

Evaporation ("evap") lines result with the test's antibody strip just looks slightly
different than the space around it. There is a line of antibodies (usually made
from mouse cells) in the Control and Test section. The Control line binds with any liquid and turns pink (or blue, in tests using blue dye.) The Test line turns pink only if the pregnancy hormone is detected. If not, the moisture passes over this strip and does not turn pink. It may, however, become more visible when the light hits the moisture on the strip-- it may appear gray, colorless, like a "dent" in the test, or like a "ghost line." It may appear at any time-- as soon as the urine hits it, after a few minutes as the test absorbs the moisture, or after the 10-minute time limit. It may appear when the test is drying, or after it has dried. It may disappear as the test is drying, or after the test has dried, or not disappear at all.

The simple fact is that there is always "something there" that is slightly visible--
it's simply the antibodies on the test that would turn pink in the presence of hCG.When the test becomes wet, or as it dries, or after it dries, the antibody strip may become more visible. Therefore, all tests may have them. It is not a defect, it's just how tests are made.


Other reasons for getting a "false positive" could be:

1)Chemical Pregnancy
A chemical pregnancy is basically an early miscarriage. The fertilized egg does not implant successfully into your uterus. These days HPTs have a high sensitivity to hCG, picking up the smallest amount. You might get a faint positive only to have AF arriving a day or two later.

2)Chemical Interference
If you are under going fertility treatment which includes the trigger shot for ovulation, you are advised not to test too early in case of getting a false positive. Since these drugs have the hCG hormone in them, and will show "positive" on a test. It takes on average about 10 days after the shot to "work out" of your system. So try holding out on testing until at least 11/12dpo.

During my 3 year journey of TTC, I think I had about 3 of these "false positives". 1 of which I was convinced it was a chemical pregnancy. The other 2 I'm sure were due to evap lines showing up after the time limit.