Thursday, April 30, 2009

I seriously can NOT believe it's the last day of April 2009.....

I have 24 more days till my appt with the new Doc.....

Another 3 more days and my baby turns 5!!

Today is my good friend Harriet's Birthday!!! YAY, may you have an awesome day spent with gorgeous Aidan. I can't believe he has been here a month already.

It's another long weekend for us here in S.A. Tomorrow is another public holiday - Workers Day. I can't wait for all these public holidays to be over with, and I'm pretty sure there will be another one next week when they swear in the new President of our Country. Is that the right terminology?? When they swear in?? I don't know, hmmmm.... if I'm wrong please someone correct me.

Oh, my sister Jenna and I went out yesterday at lunch time. She runs a non profit charity and needed to go pick up some goodies for the women's home. We had to pick up the stuff at Lory Animal and Owl Sanctuary. WOW!!!! We knew there were Owls there, but we got the fright of our lives when we turned the corner and got greeted by a huge TIGER!! I have never been so close to a real live TIGER before. Hehe, Jen and I both grabbed each others hands and started walking away really slowly. As if we really thought the cat would jump the fence and attack us. Knowing my luck..... But anyway, after getting a little lost in the sanctuary we came across a beautiful Male Lion and some gorgeous Puma's and baby Puma's. Then another beautiful Tiger who was relaxing in his jacuzzi. Ok, more like his water hole but he looked like a Lord sitting in the middle with just his huge head sticking out. He just needed a cocktail and a cigar to make the scene perfect.

Anyway, I have 3 more days to pull off a last minute planned 5th Birthday Party. We weren't going to have a party for McK this year. But we've decided to go with a BBQ on Sunday. A High School Musical BBQ. McK has given us each a Character to play. LOL. I need to get cakes sorted, party packs packed and so forth.


Unknown said...

Hello Marcelle, Wow - what a lovely surprise to see your comment on my blog the other day! Your words touched my heart - thank you so very much! I am now a daily visitor to your blog and enjoy your writing - I have tried to go back a few months and catch up. I will add you to my prayers for God to bless you with your second angel! Oh and a very happy birthday to your daughter - im sure she is gonna love her HSM party! God bless! Megan