Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok, I know I complained about the heat wave a few weeks ago.... but come on enough with the rain already. (and in case you haven't noticed, I'm not very creative with Titles..) LOL

It's been pouring down for almost 4 days non stop. I would be fine with it, if I was cuddled up in bed watching a movie and maybe a warm cheesy pizza or two. But I'm not. I'm sitting in front of my PC trying to work.

I'm in no mood to chat on line with my friends.. *blushes* Sorry girls. Just feeling blah..... and don't really have anything to say. Rather just pretend to miss me until I return.

I also just polished off a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Yummy, although I shouldn't be eating ice cream for brunch???

I'm starting to panic. We have to move house in January. No idea where to yet. But it's on the horizon. A whole new chapter is about to start for my little family as well as that of my parents. Exciting yet terrifying.


Annie Kates said...

I don't take it personally. I have those days all the time. I too have been lacking. I wish you the best for finding a home. Argh, how scary and fun at the same time.