Monday, November 10, 2008

Brain dead today

Yup, and it ain't getting better...... I need sleep and sleep and maybe some more sleep.

DH's party was AWESOME. Except for the part when I accidentally flashed my left boob at my FIL and best friend. I was coming down the slip and slide very graciously. I didn't even realize it at first until I looked down. Of course my friend caught it on camera. And even though he has a "don't delete pics off my camera" policy, I deleted it. :)

The rest of the party was great fun. A few of us ended up in the jacuzzi and throwing jelly around in down anything. Do you know how cold jelly is when you are sitting in a warm jacuzzi??? Shame poor DH, didn't get to join on the fun because we were too busy ordering him around.... **Blushes** Don't worry I will make it up to him later today.

And with that, I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! Hope you have a great day and get to leave early.

We have a few new stress issues in the pipeline. Will give out more details over the next few weeks. One of which is that TTC is off the cards till January next year, maybe even as late as March.

Have a wonderful week where ever you are......


squirrelgirl said...

Oh, Marcelle! I'm so sorry to hear about the delay in TTC plans. I was so hopeful for you getting your wish before the end of the year. {{{HUGS}}}

The Swann's said...

Happy Birthday Craig!