Friday, March 14, 2008

So where are we now....

24 cycles down, 76 negative tests later,Shock and still managing to stay somewhat sane. We are back on the Clomid train, and its full speed ahead.

I love sharing my knowledge about TTC with others. I feed on that, I jump at any chance to explain cervical mucus, pee sticks, ovulation ect. ect. Don’t get me wrong I’m not proclaiming myself a TTC know it all or a qualified gynecologist. Just a woman trying to understand the miraculous event of conception.

So I put my TTC knowledge to work and came up with a website that can hopefully enlighten couples who are TTC. I know there are a hundred different websites regarding TTC. Why would you want to create another one? Well I decided a few weeks ago that there are just so many woman out there, that don’t know the very basics of TTC or how the female body works. So I began Making Babies I like to say it’s “clearing up the misconception in conception.” What makes Making Babies unique from any other website?… well I like to think I’ve taken a more relaxed friendly approach to the subject and not over loaded it with too many medical terms that just confuse you. Just the basics.

Being a member of two USA based support forums, I became very envious of the cheap affordable Home Pregnancy Tests (HPT) and Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK) that the ladies (my friends) were using. Why couldn’t I have access to these tests? After all I’m a POAS-a-holic, and the only thing stopping me from testing almost every day (from 9dpo onwards) would be the fact that tests are just so expensive in South Africa. Here comes part two of why I started Making Babies.

I wanted to make certain fertility products available to South African women. Yes you can buy these products in Pharmacies across the country. But how many women are a little shy to buy 10 tests at a time?? After all you only need one right? LOL Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to order on line and have the tests or fertility products delivered to you? Of course it would be. I know I hate walking into our Chemist down the road. The lady there doesn't even ask if I need help any more, she knows why I'm there. Two aisles down to the right, that is where they keep their HPTs. I even pay with exact change, because I don't want to stand there with 3 tests in my hands.

Anyway, so where are we in our 24th cycle of TTC…..TTC Challenged to be specific we are on CD9, just finished the 50mg Clomid CD4-8 course. Now we wait for O day, of course I’ll be entertaining you with photos of my OPKs leading up to this exciting event. And don’t be shy with Baby dust donations. ;)


The Swann's said...

First off, BABY DUST to you!!!! Secondly, I think so many women are missing out on the adventures of talking about POAS, CM, CP, and so forth... What was life like before such a conversation as this?? :-) Great blog girl!