Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome to Making Babies

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.


Trying to conceive(TTC).......

Who would have thought that 3 simple words could take over your life to a certain extent.

I for one should know, I live eat breath TTC.

It all started when we decided that we would like to have a second child. Our daughter McKenna was turning 2 years old and we thought it would be a lovely age gap. We were financially ok to have another child and most of all we as a married couple were happy. Everything was ideal. On the 25th of April 2006 I threw out my birth control pills, we were going on holiday and naive as it was, I thought it would happen straight away. Sadly to say, we are now looking at a 4 or more year age gap.

After cycle 2 TTC, I started to surf the net, absorb any and all information I could find on how to increase chances of conception. I stumbled across a few support forums and slowly but surely got sucked into the TTC web. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve met the most amazing ladies on my journey.

From cycle 3 I was hooked, obsessed, call it what you like. You could say I gave myself over to the dark side LOL Where the only way you get out is by getting pregnant. I started charting my basal body temperature (BBT) and paying more attention to the signs of approaching ovulation (O). I can’t believe that for almost two years,(exclude 2 or 3 cycles that I didn’t temp) that I’ve woken up at 5:05 every day to take my BBT. I mean who does that?????

You know they say an alcoholic is someone who admits they have a problem…. Well you know what Waving my name is Marcelle and I’m addicted to TTC.