Tuesday, March 25, 2008

7 more days to go....


Until we know this cycle's fate. I hate the 1ww, it is filled with so many mixed emotions. You are trying to stay grounded and not let your imagination get the better of you. Every twinge or niggle becomes a potential possible pregnancy symptom. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t deny those feelings. Then you also don’t want to get excited about it, just to be brought back down to earth by AF’s arrival.

It is such an unfair time in ones cycle really. So many ifs and maybes. Do you set your self up, or do you try to stay calm. Do you dare even think maybe you did succeed this cycle? Do you let your mind wonder over onto pregnancy websites, go calculate your possible due date… (Oh mine is 9 December 2008 BTW) smile

Of course the most important decision of all needs to be made. POAS…… POAS for Fun

Well since I’ve made the conscious decision not to pay attention to this 2ww/1ww and concentrate on getting my house packed and moved… I’m not sure when I’ll be POAS. I have one OPK left from this cycle. Might just use it on Saturday to get the urge out of my system then wait till Tuesday to test with a HPT.

I’ll probably start temping from tomorrow or Thursday again. I like to get that end of cycle temps going. So that I can better prepare myself for what is coming… AF… or hopefully a BFP…. grin

Do you notice the double standard I have going here…. One paragraph I say I’m not going to worry about this 1ww or any symptoms ect. ect.. then the next paragraph I’m talking about testing and temping again… You see no matter how hard I try to ignore TTC, I always some how sneak it in again……