Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here we go into the 2ww


I can safely say that we have entered the 2ww. Even though fertility friend wont confirm it. But I dont need a software program telling me otherwise.

I cant believe this is the 24th 2ww I'm going through. That is 48 weeks, 4 weeks short of a year. Wow. I dont know whether to laugh or cry. I'm kind of lost for words right now.

A friend on one of my TTC Forums, just posted a message for me saying: "I hope you are going to be a Fertility Specialist in your next life". I must say I feel really honoured to be in the position that I am, helping others understand this whole process. I of course responded by saying: "It comes from 2 years obsession". Which it does.

I think if anyone had to put so much effort into something be it TTC, building model aeroplanes or learning French. At the end of 2 years you would be quite knowledgeable. If only I could put that much effort into other things in my life, I could probably end up taking over the world. evil laugh