Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting close now.....

Just another positive OPK to brag about. And confirm my addiction to POAS. This one is also from yesterday, about 2 hours after the first + OPK.


I just cant help myself. LOL

I'm hoping to be distracted this coming 2ww. I really cant afford to be obsessing and focusing all my energy on what is or is not happening. Whether baby(ies) are implanting or when to start testing. I have a house to pack up and hope and pray that we find a new place before 1 April. Yes I know its exactly two weeks. But hey I thrive on pressure.

So I say baby(ies) only because Clomid happens to increase your chances of having multiples by 10 percent. Which really isn't that much. If it was something like 40% upwards, I might be slightly stressed. I'm not really sure what we would do if we happened to fall PG with twins or triplets. We have been hoping and trying for one baby for so long now, I guess it would only be more of a blessing to have two at the same time.

Another thing that I just thought about. My mom is a twin, and she was once PG with twins but sadly lost them early on in her pregnancy. So does that automatically make my chances of having twins higher, and now the 10% Clomid factor gets added to that.... Oh crap, maybe that makes my chances closer to 40% then...... Shock

I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.