Wednesday, April 7, 2010

YI and TTC

Good morning everyone

Now that April's Fools and Easter has been dealt with I hope there is some serious Baby Making going on. :) We already have our first beautiful BFP on the board for April, be sure to go have a look!

Our newest product INOFOLIC is really proving to be very popular amongst our TTC ladies. (And not only for PCOS). Inofolic can be used for normal fertility as well by increasing egg health and balancing hormones. Another draw card is that Inofolic can be used for weight management.

I have had a few queries over the last month or two about how Yeast Infections (YI) - Candida can affect Trying to Conceive. Yeast infections are over all pretty easy to clear up with some meds from your doctor or OTC at the chemist. The only effect a YI can have is that it can cause a “hostile” environment for the sperm to survive. It has no effect on ovulation or conception itself. So it all comes down to the environment that we are subjecting the sperm to.

A yeast infection won’t stop you from falling pregnant but it can make the process of trying to conceive a little more difficult.

Using an anti-fungal cream like Monistat or other over the counter remedies will help you get rid of the infection but you are actually interfering with the sperm's path to the uterus. The sperm will have increased difficulty going around and through the anti-fungal creams.

Bearing in mind as well, though it is uncommon, you can pass your yeast infection to your partner causing cross infection back and forth. Not solving the issue at all. You are better off trying to conceive once the yeast infection has cleared up.

How do we ensure that we have happy v-jay-jays for that all important sperm to survive in? Come on, you all knew I was going to have a solution for you...... :)


The studies show that Monogin is effective for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis but it also has fungistatic (stop growth) and fungicidal (kill fungus) properties and therefore can be used to treat fungal infections as well. Monogin only has a cross infection rate of 1.8% vs the 12.1% - 20% of other Medicated Anti-Fungal Creams.

Monogin is a great once off, easy to use product for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis.

On that note, I would like to wish you all a fabulous week. Catch you on the forum!