Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Age: nothing but a number?

Trying to conceive (TTC) in your Thirties may prove to be more difficult than when you were younger and at your most fertile.

A study showed that:

* By age 30, 7% of couples were infertile
* By age 35, 11% of couples were infertile
* By age 40, 33% of couples were infertile
* At age 45, 87% of couples were infertile

Women are born with over a million eggs, but by the time they hit puberty just over 300 000 are left. Of this huge amount of eggs, would you believe that only about 300 will mature and be part of the ovulation process?

As we age, our reproductive capability slows down, our eggs don't mature enough to be considered healthy to sustain a healthy ovulation followed by a successful pregnancy. This is a natural decline of fertility, it can happen to any woman regardless of how well we have taken care of our bodies. Of course having bad habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol could speed up this decline in fertility.

Often in older woman who are TTC, their bodies might lack myo-inositol. Are any bells ringing yet? Myo-inositol is the main ingredient in Inofolic. It is responsible for producing healthy follicle fluid which determines the health of the egg.

Healthy egg = Healthy pregnancy

Most women who are having ovulation issues are put onto Clomid as a first line of treatment plan. How ever some times the body does not react to the Clomid as it should, i.e producing follicles and successful ovulation. This is where Inofolic can also play a role: One study showed that Inofolic will reduce clomiphene resistance significantly when started at least one month before Clomiphene treatment. Meaning that it will help your body "react" to the Clomid more successfully.


I thought it would be interesting to see the age categories of our Making Babies Members: (as I've noticed that most are in their thirties.)

Age is nothing but a number?


We have another BFP to report, but I'm just waiting for the new Fairy to come share her pics of her tests. A beautiful BFP at 10dpo.

Have a wonderful day!