Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our MB Network is buzzing!

We have a lot of buzz going on the forum this week with regards to testing. Pee On A Stick Madness has seem to have struck, thank you to all the ladies supporting each other and being that virtual shoulder to cry on when needed. It's awesome to see you all encouraging each other.

Good luck to everyone testing over the next few days. We hope to be celebrating some BFPs soon.

We had an awesome response last week to the Rejuvenator For Women give-away. I'm sorry I did not have any more to give away.

It seems like there are some of our Making Babies men who are taking some stress from TTC, don't forget we also stock the Liberator FF for men. Talking from personal experience, this is just what is needed when the pressure is on during Ovulation time.

This end of week special is on the One Step Ovulation Predictor Kits 10 Pack - R 100.00 includes Registered Mail Shipping Fees.

Have a great Thursday.