Friday, April 16, 2010

MB Update

Hey girlie girls. (and the odd guy)

I hope you are all doing fine this Friday. Sorry about the BFNs and AF's that are messing about. ((HUGS))

Did you all see my pretty representation of Inofolic in the Tabs above? Go look! For those of you that saw it as I put it up, you might have noticed 4 spelling mistakes..... hehehehe, note to self, do not engage in a conversation with your BF while trying to work..... I have fixed it up now, so take a looksie. Also if those who are already taking the Inofolic, if you girls want to add your comments to that page it would be most welcomed.

I would also like to extend a special thank you again to the ladies on the Testing Thread this week. You girls have been awesome with your support and hugs and words of encouragement. This is exactly my vision for this MB site, to have this beautiful interaction and support. THANK YOU!!!

Have an awesome weekend.


PS: Don't forget the Free Shipping Special with regards to the One Step OPK (10 Pack) ends today.