Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Many thanks to Lauren over at Beauty and Infertility for giving me this award:

Beautiful Blogger Award

Now I have to write 7 unusual things about myself, I haven't shared any private info on the Making Babies blog in almost 6 months :) So maybe instead of unusual, lets do a bit of catch up huh?

1) McKenna my angel pie has started Grade R and LOVING IT! She has grown up so much over the last few months. I'm ever thankful that I got blessed with such a wonderful daughter.

2) I have the most AWESOME boyfriend - known to my bloggy friends as "B". Makes me totally giddy just thinking about him. :)

3) We are going camping this weekend, well not tent camping but caravan camping. Should prove to be tons of fun. We will be celebrating Stevie's 17th Birthday.

4) B is going away for another agonizing 10 days! But I will survive, I just drive other people nuts with count downs.

5) It's another 58 days till I turn 30! We are having a big party, thanks to my dear friends M&H for convincing me to do so.

6) I finally got the chance to tell a certain person exactly what I think of them. Sorry for this one you need to have access to my private blog. It felt very freeing to eventually be able to do so.

7) I POAOPK yesterday, just for fun. Yes the addict in me will never die!!! NEVER! I just wanted to see what it would say. I am on BCP, and no ways planning any babies at this point in time. hahahahahahaha.


Jodie said...

#7 cracks me up, old habbits never die!