Friday, February 19, 2010

L-Arginine for better sperm!!!

Making Babies is excited to bring you a new Male Fertility Product called: L-Arginine Caps. Now you might be familiar with the word L-Arginine because it can be found in other male fertility products such as SpermAid or Staminogro.

L-Arginine Caps is from the same makers that bring you Fertipil Plus.

L-Arginine has an important role in male fertility. Not only do high levels of L-Arginine help with sperm and semen production but it also
assists with the general health and mobility of sperm cells, and is said to double sperm volume.

(The benefits of L-Arginine don't stop there, because it also improves your sex life as well by giving your partner a stronger and more intense erection
as well. *wink wink*)

L-Arginine Caps (90 Capsules) One month supply R 150.00 Inc VAT
L-Arginine Caps (90 Capsules) Three month supply R 400.00 Inc VAT

Pricing above excludes shipping fees.

Please note: As with all supplements that are being used for Male Fertility - it takes approximately 72 days for new sperm to be produced, hence why the best results from taking supplements are seen after 2 - 3 months!

If you would like to order L-Arginine Caps please pop me an email I have not as of yet put it on the official Making Babies website (on the order form) yet.