Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long time no blog hey. We got to spend some much needed family time away from the PC. So where do I start??

I didn’t quite update my birthday… so lets begin there…..

Wednesday night: We went out with friends, which was only supposed to be 2 drinks but ended up with us getting home at 1am after dancing and “singing” the night away. Thanks Frans and Nita!!

Thursday: I was woken up with a phone call by Frans and Nita, and their two adorable little boys singing happy birthday to me. Now I’m not a big phone person. You won’t easily get me answering the phone…. But who could resist the cute vocals of a 2 and 6 year old. The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful. Actually I spent most of it cursing my PC!!! Thursday Eve: My in laws were having a BBQ for their neighbours which doubled up as a birthday BBQ for me too.

So that was pretty much my “exciting” 29th Birthday. Oh I almost forgot the b*tch arrived as expected. Can’t remember the exact time, but it was about an hour after my post on Thursday!! It was by far the most painful AF I’ve had ever. Not emotionally painful, but physical. Felt like my freaking uterus was being ringed inside out…. Not fun at all. But nothing like 2 tequila’s and some painkillers to put one to sleep……

The rest of the weekend was spent together. Craig didn’t have to work as much as what we thought. We got to hang out with M&H as well. Which was good. We have missed each other over the last few weeks. So it was time well spent catching up. The boys are also planning an exciting “manly” adventure. But I’ll let you all in on that when the final plans have been made.

On McK news:

Argh, I almost put her up for sale yesterday. After dragging her out of the shop kicking and screaming blue murder. Argh, I’m so over her tantrums now. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m now banning her from entering any shops that sell sweets. It’s done. One of us will stay in the car with her, or she stays at home with who ever. Giving her the big Speech about her being a BIG girl doesn’t work any more, neither does a good hiding. I can’t even threaten her any more. She sees straight through it.

She still has her woobly tooth. I was hoping it would have fallen out over the weekend, but it didn’t. She wants her Uncle Mathi to pull it for her, but it’s still pretty tight for pulling. M leaves on Thursday for holiday, so maybe there is still a chance he will pull it before then although I doubt it.

On TTC news:

It’s CD6. AF pretty much flew by without much fuss, except for those first 2 days of uterus wrenching cramps. I’m undecided on what our POA is for this cycle. Number 39. We have just over a month to go until we see our new doctor. Still have one more AF to get before seeing him. We will see him towards the end of cycle 40. I’m hoping as always that we won’t be seeing him for a TTC appt, but rather a PG one. I guess some times my heart is more foolish than my brain……

Oh, I need to update two very AWESOME things:

1) My dear friend Annie, who I blogged about just recently found out they are having TWINS!!! YAY!! I’m so stoked for them

2) Then another dear friend, Lindsey, gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, Alyssa. Well done mommy!!!!

Then I need you all to go over to Megs, and drop off some baby dust please!!!!

Ok, now that I’ve taken up way too much of your time….. let me get going. Till we meet again…. Take care x x x