Friday, April 17, 2009

200th Blog entry....

Can you believe it... I've often in the past started and deleted blogs, so I'm rather impressed that I managed to get to 200 and not given up or gotten bored. So I was thinking what could I possibly do for my 200th post? Thanks to my darling McK, you get to share in this important BIG GIRL moment!!!



AFTER: (ok, she looks weird in this pic)


McK was so excited about the Tooth Fairy until it got dark and time for bed. She was then terrified!!!! Spent most of the night in our bed, clinging to me with the duvet over her head. After all that, the poor thing was scared of the Tooth Fairy. I even had to carry her to the bathroom and back last night. LOL.


The Swann's said...

Oh yippee McK for the first tooth loss!!!!! :-) Is McK happy now that all is well with the Tooth Fairy??? haha!!! So cute!!!

Nicki said...

Wow Congratulations!!! And well done Mck on the tooth loss! :)

Martin said...

Funny thing, kids teeth make me laugh.

and I've no idea why.

Elize said...

Congrats on your 200th post! LOL at Mck, poor girl! But it made me smile!