Friday, January 2, 2009

Where does one even begin to start? I’m also in no mood to write a long novel of our Christmas festivities. So maybe just a short recap would be good enough???

Christmas Eve was spent at the In Laws. They had a few of their neighbours over too. It was nice as can be. Especially was MIL’s famous snacks. Just love the food she makes. DEVINE. I had one neighbour asking all the “are you going to have another child” questions, and then she added “you know you should ask your doctor for Clomid that is sure to get you pregnant in no time”. Yeah hun, I’ve done a combined 10 months on Clomid……..

Christmas Day we had lunch with my parents at their new home. It was great to have our whole family there. Dad made Turkey and salads. We all ate way too much and then decided to all take a lie down on the grass under the shade. McK ended up being covered in ink drawings, thanks Uncle Precious. It took almost 3 days of scrubbing to get all the ink off.

In between Christmas and New Years we spent a lot of time between the Parents/In Laws and of course my most favourite people in the world. M&H

The weather has been unbelievably hot. Gross hot. Luckily we have had some scary rain storms to cool it down in between. Lighting even hit one of our trees. Snapped it in half. (Wasn’t such a big tree though).

Ok, enough weather chit chat.

New Years Party…… 31 December. Oh wow!! I haven’t had so much fun in such a long long long time!!!!!! We danced and danced, and laughed and cried. The drinks were yummy, and the company fantastic. M&H I thank you again for an awesome party and an awesome friendship. I’ll see if I can get some pics, and share them. We wrapped most of M&H’s bar in tin foil. Everything was silver. So cool. I think everyone had a great time.

I’m just a little bit sorry about the 10 banana cream shots that S & I devoured in the back of the kitchen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

All in all, it was GREAT!!!!

Now I have to get my mind back into the swing of work work work. Well only from Monday onwards. I need some inspiration?? Anyone got some advice for me???

Oh on TTC news….. CD5 or 6 I think. Can’t really remember when AF started. I know I was a little bit sad but making peace with it. Can you believe it was the first cycle were I didn’t even TEST!! No POAS for me. Wow, that in itself is an amazing achievement. One month clean of POAS. LOL. Maybe the habit has been broken. Let’s see if I can pull off another month.

BTW, I won’t be writing everyday on this blog. But do check in every now and then. I won’t go MIA again, but my net usage is very limited at the moment. I’m also going to try and concentrate more on work too.