Thursday, January 15, 2009

It’s almost 3 years to the day when I walked into Keep It Real Tattoo Studios. No I wasn’t getting another tat. I was going for a piercing, a nose stud. Always wanted one but always to chicken shit. Yeah this coming from a tat lover, who has a proud collection of 4, soon to be added too…. Ok, I’m getting off track…..


We got to the mall and stood at the bottom of the escalators. Gordon saw my sister (she was with me). He came running down, grabbed us and up we went. I remember him bouncing to some form of music, can’t tell you what song it was though.

He spun me around, made me sit. Shouted “pink or blue”. I whispered blue back… “Sit still love, you have gorgeous eyes.”… Done…. It was in. I don’t remember much except the shaking part.

So this stud has been a part of my body for the last 3 years. It’s a permanent piercing, meaning it doesn’t come out without force. Force being a pair of side cutters. Over the weekend the blue stone had fallen out. So it looked odd. Time for a new one. Which meant taking the damaged one out and replacing it……..

I asked my sister to remove it for me. She picked up the side cutters. Came closer…. No blady ways!!!! I’ll do it myself I decide. So after 10 minutes of shaking, clasping, shaking some more. Off the top part of the stud flew across the bathroom. Shaking…… I pick up the new stud, push it in….. Done, still shaking, hot flushes.

I imagine this feeling is going to come again when I get my BFP!!!! YAY……

Now my nose is burning. Hope it doesn’t fall off……