Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If you can imagine it, you can have it. How many times have you heard those words and wondered if they were really true? Well, wonder no longer. You'll know soon enough that they're not only true, they're limitless. Don't impose any 'shoulds' on your future.

Oh boy, now that is my kind of star sign. :-)

There are so many things I’m putting out there. I’m being selfish and hoping a lot of things for myself. And only myself. Everything from personal to business issues.

Remember I mentioned a while back about my friends nagging on me to write a book. Well it’s almost done. The ground work has been laid, now I just need to szoosh it up a bit.

I’m trying so hard to let go of negative thoughts and only think happy positive ones. But it’s hard to stay focused on the positive. I’m going to try though.

Today is a new day…………..

Ooooh look at my precious.....