Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On Monday we learnt that an ex-colleague had passed away over the weekend. He was such a vibrant funny guy. I feel sad for his family that has to bear the pain of not having him around any more. I can see by his Face Book wall, that he was much loved by all his friends. May you rest in peace W.C!!

The bank flucked us over too this week. But DH is handling it. I’m not going to get into details, it just makes my blood boil.

McK was home from school yesterday. She cried bitterly yesterday morning while I was trying to dress her. Said she was feeling sick. I admit she has a bad cough and looks as if she might have some sinus issues. But I think she was ok to go to school. But 20 minutes of tears and pulling at heart strings made me keep her at home. The rule was that she had to stay on the couch watching TV/Movies the whole day. Because staying at home is NOT supposed to be fun. No running around with the dogs or playing outside. By last night she seemed much better.

Until this morning. Big crocodile tears again. Sobbing that she didn’t want to go to school. Now my child has been in school since she was 15 months old. She has never had a problem going to school. So after a few more tears and lip quivering, I convinced her to tell me what is going on…..

It seems the Grade 1’s are being mean to her. I think its harmless teasing from their side, but my poor child is heart broken and doesn’t want to go to school because of this. Eventually I convinced her that she needed to go to school and if the Gr 1’s start with her, she must go tell a teacher. I also gave her some vitamins, and told her it will make her big and strong. Then the Gr 1’s will be scared of her. She loved this. Kept flexing her muscles all the way to school. Oh, and I told her that she wasn’t 4 years old anymore, but rather 4.5 years old. Her face lit up, saying “I’m almost as big as those Gr 1’s”.

By the time we got to school, she was A-Ok. I didn’t even have to walk her in to her class. She kissed me at the gate and skipped in.

Now I will be honest with you. When I saw her crying this morning and telling me her story. The first thing that went through my mind was to march into that school and have her point out those nasty kids. I had images of burrowing their heads in the sand pit and giving them a good kick up the @ss. Don’t upset my child!!!!! But then realized that this is school. Kids tease each other. And they will pick on the little ones. I will draw the line if anyone physically hurts her. I will however just get DH to talk to the teacher tomorrow morning about it.

On the TTC front. Not much happening. 6dpo heading into the 1ww. Thinking about testing over the weekend. Trying not to stress too much. Hoping for a miracle. You know, the usual shit. :)


Annie Kates said...

I hope McK is feeling better. Big kids suck. I remember getting frightened by the older ones a number of times. I might like to give those kids a kick in the butt too.