Thursday, September 25, 2008

The good fortune fairy

I really need her to come pay us a visit. REALLY!!! We really need our luck to turn around. I guess it doesn’t really help to complain. Complaining doesn’t solve the problem. But please give us a break.

I feel like sitting in a corner and balling my eyes out. Why a corner, I don’t know. But maybe a hole is too much effort to dig out.

Today feels so weird. With yesterday’s public holiday, today feels like a Monday. I hate it. It’s so messed up. I keep having to remind myself that it is Thursday today. At least tomorrow is Friday. YAY, not that it makes a big difference really.

We are keeping McK at home this week. I think she might have German Measles. She started off with some spotting/rash on Tuesday. It hasn’t really cleared up. Neither has it gotten any worse. She also doesn’t have the classic symptoms of GM. So I’m not sure what is up with her, I know it’s been doing the rounds at school. Rather keep her home and rested I guess.

Other than that, nothing much going on.

I’m a tad sensitive to pregnant talk today too. I don’t want to hear about morning sickness or cravings or anything PG related…. It will be better tomorrow. No offense meant to anyone…. Today is just an “off day”. Guess we are allowed to have them.

Let me rather get going, I’m just rambling on…… bye…..

Oh, and remember the Spring Time Competition is closing tomorrow. Make sure you enter!!!


Morrisa said...

Hello there! I just realized that you are on my list of blog readers so I am catching up on your blog! You are totally right, everyone deserves to have an "off day", I kow I have had my share of them!