Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey ladies

It's not always the topic of conversation at parties or nights out, but we all suffer at least once from annoying infections, and it seems to be even worse for some while TTC.

At Making Babies we have just the solution (excuse the pun) for you.

Monogin is a once off treatment for some vaginal infections, it also helps to keep the that area down under in the correct pH environment for TTC.

*A single dose making it very convenient compared to other treatments of vaginal infections.

*It protects the Lactobacillis in the vagina

*May restore vaginal pH to normal (below 4.5)

*Minimize the risk of cross infections or re-infections

*Increased fertility because the vaginal environment favours sperm. (Increasing the chances of the sperm surviving for longer.)

Of course we all like that last one. We all want happy sperm now don't we??????

You can order Monogin on the Making Babies website