Monday, January 11, 2010

Anything new going on?

With the start of the new year, I was wondering if any of you have decided to do anything "new" on the TTC front. Have you read about any interesting supplements or new techniques that could help other couples out? Care to share?

Thought I would also maybe refresh your memory with regards to the SPERM MEETS EGG PLAN:

Sounds intriguing enough doesn’t it. The SMEP can give you a better opportunity of ensuring that the sperm gets to your egg. Obviously if you have blocked tubes or other physical conditions preventing conception including NOT ovulating, this plan will not work for you.

Warning: This plan requires some serious BDing, so make sure you are up for it.

Click here to read THE PLAN and just in case you were wondering where you were going to find affordable OPKs, CLICK HERE :)


The Swann's said...

We've decided to give IVF a try. :-) ha!

I've read a lot on Maca Root for enchancing male/female infertility. Sounds interesting. Went to buy it today along with my Vitex and Red Raspberry Leaf and Vid D3 but it was too expensive and too many varities for me to just buy one without knowing 100% it's what I want...