Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winner of the November Comp!

Drum roll ....................

How I would announce my Pregnancy to my Husband by Cinnamon Girl

My husband has wanted a new, decent, fancy camera for a long time now. Cameras and his family are like Cookies and Ice Cream. In fact it is a running joke that they look like a family of Japanese tourist when they get together during a function. Even hired photographers have commented, in some cases with envy, on the equipment members of the family own just to take everyday family snap shots.

The only camera we own is hand me down Canon he inherited from his sister. Now this is of course nowhere near the type of photographic equipment my husband would like. Don’t get me wrong the type of camera he would like is relatively modest.

I have urged him to go and buy the camera of his dreams on several occasions, but he has always shrugged it off and used the money for something around the house.

Now if I do finally fall pregnant, I have put away a decent amount of money and I have decided that I will announce my pregnancy with a decent NIKON Camera.

With this said camera, I will take its first photograph of my positive home pregnancy test. Then I will tie a bow around the camera and place it into the arms of a nice big teddy on the bed with a note.

The note saying:

You have always looked for an excuse not to buy yourself this camera.

Well I have the best excuse for you to own it.

You will need a camera fit to capture all the special moments.

You are going to be a father.

I love you and thank you.


I will be sending you your prize ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

Wow thank you to Making Babies and the panel if judges. Hopefully my time will come soon and I can update you guys on dh response.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful way to do it! if my husband wasnt a photographer i would do the same thing! awesome idea!