Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sperm I Prove Review

I love getting reviews on the products we sell at Making Babies :) Here is one on Sperm I Prove

"I suggest sperm-I-prove for your husbands morphology. My hubby's morphology was 5% and after 1 - 2 months on it, taking 2 a day it doubled to 10%. My ob/gyn also said the sperm-I-prove is great."

(client wishes to remain anonymous)

I'm absolutely thrilled by the increase in morphology!!! I hope this brings that long awaited BFP for you soon anonymous. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Selling like hot cakes!!

Our One Step Home Pregnancy and Ovulation tests are flying off the shelves. I'm so pleased to be providing such excellent quality tests at such an affordable price.

One Step (10 Pack) OPKs (R 110.00) and HPTs (R 90.00) are available at Making Babies.

Wishing you all double lines soon!!

We are looking at bringing back the original Making Babies Support Forum, so watch this space for more info. If you were part of the NING support forum you will know what a great place it was to get support and post your stories. I'm hoping to relaunch ASAP.

But for now you can join the current forum by clicking here :)