Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's the hardest part of TTC?

Between all the taking of temperatures, stretching CM and keeping BD schedules - getting pregnant can be taxing on the soul. Please go vote in our poll: What's the hardest part of TTC?

I used to hate those 24 hours leading up to Ovulation. You know it's coming, you pray and beg and plead and pray that what ever you do in the next 24 hours leads to a healthy pregnancy.

Then around 10dpo you get this itch to POAS. Only to sit for hours staring at a possible line that deep down you know really isn't there, but your heart does see something. You get annoyed with yourself for testing early in the first place. You should have waited at least another day (stretching it to maybe another two days.)

Argh, and then AF hits....... TTC is not for sissy's.

In Making Babies news:

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