Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thought I would let you all in on a conversation I had with my 4 almost 5 year old McK on the way home from the shops this afternoon…. (Take note, it started because I wouldn’t buy her a toy.)

McK: But mommy, you don’t ever buy me anything

Tears welling up

Me: What about yesterday, I bought you TWO polly pocket dolls

McK: Now I’m shame

More tears

Me: Why you shame

McK: Cause you won’t buy your little child nuffing

Sniffing the tears back

Me: Sorry I’m an awful mommy, would you like to swop me?

McK: Yes, I want Tayla’s mommy

Me: Why Tayla’s mommy?

McK: Cause she buys her child a toy everyday

Long silence (long as in 5 seconds) Looking out the window

McK: Are you going to have a baby mommy?

Me: Some day angel, we are working on it. Maybe you should ask God for a brother or sister.

McK: I do, I ask every day at school. But I get nuffing!!!

Big tears…..

Me: Ah don’t cry…..

McK: Look at my hands mommy, I got nuffing in them. You always buy me nuffing

Me: **insert giggle here**

McK: Don’t laugh at me. You are being selfish. I still have nuffing.

Me: Come get out the car……….


Lea White said...

So cute! saw your blog on Mommy! Cool blog!

Lea White

Anonymous said...

That is priceless!! Where is a video camera when you need one?!