Monday, January 26, 2009

So do you like my new ticker above?? I saw a few of them on a forum, thought it was kind of cool. So now you can all just have a looksie as to where and what is exactly happening this cycle round.

I'm not so sure if I'm 100% committed to this cycle. I feel less obsessed, more relaxed. Which is maybe a good thing. Who knows really.

Had a great weekend, and it's put me in a much better mood. I don't think I ever want last week over again. I never want to feel like that ever again.

Wait I can't stay, my head is going to explode. Need pain killers!!!!

Annie, wishing you and J the very best for tomorrows appt. You two will be in my thoughts all day. Can't wait for the update!!


The Swann's said...

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! Horray!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!! :-) I LOVE that ticker. It's so cool... Perhaps this uncanny relaxed feeling this cycle will prove to pay off now that you're TTC again!!! :-) Oh, I can't wait for your BFP!!!!!!

The Swann's said...

DId you get my previous post??? argh.

Without all the !!!!!!!!!!!! marks, I'm SOOOO excited for you guys!!! And I love the new ticker! it's so neat-o! :-) I'm anxiously awaiting your posting of your BFP!!!!!