Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All Aboard!!!

TTC train Pictures, Images and Photos

So I was spot on with my O date last cycle. I just knew it was CD11. I guess my body really wanted to get back onto the TTC train sooner!!

Here we are CD1. We are going to give it 3 more months before finding a new and more supportive Gynae. DH and myself will be on some supplements, Fertipil Plus and Fertivor. Not going to temp. I've kicked the thermometer habit, so I'm not going back to it.

Yay for us, I hope it happens soon.......


Cherry creations said...

good luck babe, holding thumbs that this year your dream comes true

Lisa Reid said...

all i can say is Dr Markram for you 0126642736 hes brilliant I promise!! Best fertility specialist!!