Thursday, October 30, 2008

I’m not perfect.......
But parts of me are pretty awesome.

So which parts you ask…. Well to name a few….

My mommy part:

I am an awesome mother. Yes, there are times where I fail but which mother doesn’t. My child is happy and loved to heaven and back. Isn’t that the most important thing? I’ve brought up the most adorable girlie. She is my biggest achievement in life.

My wife part:

I believe I’m an awesome wife. Maybe a bit bossy, but overall a good wife. I’ve stood beside and believed in him. And even though I get tested now and then, there is no denying you won’t find a better wife than me for my DH.

My sister part:

This is a tough one, because some times I suck as a sister but not without good reason. I try my best! And I do worry about what you are doing or not doing.

My daughter part:

I’m the sensitive daughter. I take on a lot of the emotions, and try to be brave. When my parents hurt, I hurt. When they are sad, I’m sad. When they are happy, I’m overjoyed. Hey, and I gave them a beautiful Grand daughter, so already there I score big points in this department.

My friend part:

I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are happy!!! I don’t think you will find a more supportive person than me. Day or night, I think I’m an awesome friend to have!!!

It feels weird writing things about myself in this manner, yes the 100 things in a previous post are also about me. But this is different. I need to get used to seeing the wonderful things about me and then admitting to it. Going to take some getting used to….. so….

I’m going to change the subject now….. (still about me though)…. I’m 8dpo today. And even though I know there is absolutely no chance what so ever that we could be PG at this moment. It’s still nice to hang onto hope….. (yip, there is that word again.) So much for not knowing where I am in my cycle hey.... old habits die hard, ok???


The Swann's said...

Oh, I'm so very happy to see you acknowledging your awesomeness to you! :-) It's so exciting and I totally agree with all of it!!!!

You are very encouraging and uplifting in all areas of my life! Thank you girl!!!!! Even though half way around the world, I'm so very blessed to have you (and the other girls) in my life!