Monday, October 27, 2008

Can't keep my eyes open

And it’s Monday morning 8:05am, I’m so ready to climb back into bed and sleep for another few hours.

What a weekend!!!

Friday night we had some drinks with M&H. Although we did have an early night, since we knew Saturday was going to be hectic.

Saturday morning we had McK’s Pre-School Awards morning. It was so cute. I had to fight back the tears for an hour. Don’t have a clue why I was so emotional about the whole event. McK was an Angel in the nativity play. Such a sweety, she played her part in all cuteness, (well post photos later). I was just worried that she might pick her nose on stage, but she didn’t. McK also got given a Book Prize for “Co-operation”. I was so proud!!

Saturday afternoon, we couldn’t get to M&H’s house fast enough. Left McK with granny and off we were for our “Music in the Park” picnic. We tried to stay positive about the approaching grey thundering clouds….. but unfortunately the rain came pouring down as we got to the venue. We grabbed our picnic baskets and everyone headed into the building for the picnic instead.

After an hour the rain calmed down to a cool drizzle. We managed to find a nice spot right in front of the stage. Two of the bands finished their sets. Electric Muse, they are a 4 part (all female) band. It was awesome. Then Afro Jazz took the stage. We were all waiting patiently for Prime Circle to start. Of course we all rushed to the front of the stage when they did.

Not even into the second song, the rain came belting down again. We were soaked. But determined to stand there and dance and sing. Unfortunately they had to cut it short after just the third song. Their equipment was already under water. It was wonderful….. and cold……

Sunday I spent the day playing with McK while DH worked. She found some of my old HPTs…. (yes, it takes me a while to throw them away.) And her inquisitive mind asked me what they are used for. So without going into too much detail I quickly explained the one line (no baby) two lines (baby) story to her. And then she said, maybe you will get two lines soon….. bless her heart. Imagine the story she is telling her Preschool friends today……..


Anonymous said...

I also hope you get your two lines soon!!! Out of all the people I know that are TTCing - it's your BFP I wish for the hardest!!!
love Other Tracy xxxx