Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Already?

Where has this year gone?

It feels rather strange not to be worrying about every day TTC related stuff. I’ve been sleeping later than usual. No worries about the alarm going off so that I can temp. It is actually quite freeing not to be bound to a glass thermometer. I have to think really hard what CD I am on today. But going to stop myself from realizing what CD I am on. That is the whole point of this cycle, just to relax.

Yes I am still on the Clomid, but to be honest. I can’t remember which day I started taking it. LOL. I took the last one today. So who knows? I kind of feel very reckless But I am enjoying every minute of it. I need this break. I need to not worry about it. I’m only hoping the “not stressing and obsessing” will turn into “so you not stressing but you are stressing cause you aren’t not stressing enough” kind of thing. Make sense. Of course it does.

McK is sick. My poor nunu has bad sinus and flu. We have kept her home today as well, and dosing her up with all her meds. We found such a lovely doctor. Literally just down the road from us. What a stunning woman. She made McK so comfortable and explained everything she was doing. If only she was a gynae….. Maybe I can convince her to change her profession from GP to Gynae.


Erin said...

Sounds like we're both a little more relaxed this cycle. Hopefully it's the key to getting our BFPs! Hugs to McK. I hope she feels better soon.

The Swann's said...

I agree that this year has FLOWN By!!! I guess that's what happens when you live in two week increments... :-(

I hope Kenna feels better quickly and no one else catches her bug!

YEAH for the relaxed approach! I'm joining you on that band wagon! :-)

Lolita said...

im also taking this month ( and following months ) off. june 1st was my official stop worrying/stressing/trying date.
it looks like theres a few others in the same boat!
heres to us!

hope the sickness goes away fast!

good luck in all u do